Monday, November 26, 2012

A tutorial for the poll

I just posted a poll that might require some explanation of the choices. One choice is Bacon Explosion, and the other is Bacon brown sugar dogs. Neither is self explanatory, so I will provide a brief tutorial so you can make an educated choice.

The Bacon Explosion is a heart attack in your hand. Basically, it is two pounds of sausage, rolled out into a square, then rolled up around a bunch of bacon, then wrapped in a woven mat of bacon. It's really fucking good, but you don't want to fix this too often unless you want to become a star cardiac patient.

Sorry, but bacon brown sugar dogs aren't a lot more heart-healthy. Wrap some cocktail wienies (or hot dogs sliced into about 6 pieces each dog, take your pick) in bacon, hold things in place with a toothpick, cover them with brown sugar, douse in Worcestershire and Tabasco, bake, Voila! Good shit. So, those are two of your choices. I feel like the others are self-explanatory.

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