Sunday, November 25, 2012

Oh, look, a whole bunch of future DC temp attorneys!

Graduates of Thomas Cooley School of Law may not be feeling really good about how much they spent to get a law degree. Frankly, with roughly 50 percent of current law school graduates more likely to find work at Walmart than at a law firm, maybe no law school grads these days should feel like they made a good investment. Thomas Cooley, though, seems to be pushing into new frontiers in disappointment with the decision to go to law school, as it's graduates this year have a 51 percent pass rate on the Michigan bar exam. Flipping a coin on how to answer bar questions would do much worse. Naturally, the problem lies not with the teaching, but with the testing, as Above the Law notes:

I cannot speak for the other Michigan law school deans, but for myself I cannot accept that the 2012 results validly assessed our graduates. In short, these results are not for real.
– Don LeDuc, president and dean of Thomas M. Cooley Law School, commenting on his school’s abysmal resultson the July 2012 administration of the Michigan bar examination.

As you can see from the linked post, Cooley wasn't exactly setting the world on fire with its earlier pass rates. Hey -- maybe law schools aren't doing a good job of preparing graduates for the practice of law! Nah, fuck it -- blame the test. Guess we'll see these folks working on upcoming JD-only Legal Source projects for 26 bucks an hour. Just what the industry needs.

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