Friday, November 9, 2012

Back to business

Before I got inundated with the Instalanche, I was planning to do a post on canning. I grow a lot of vegetables, which means I have to can a lot of vegetables, as it can be difficult to eat all of them fresh when harvests are good (which they were this summer. I have a butt-load of green beans put up.). Technically, I don't "can," I jar. Same thing, really. Mostly I do hot-water bath canning (like tomatoes), but I also pickle, and do some pressure-cooker canning (for low-acid crops, like beans, peas, squash, etc.).

Like many gardeners, at the end of the season I got stuck with a lot of green tomatoes. The weather turned colder, and it was harvest green or let the frost kill them.  So we harvested green. Right about then, I started this new gig and got real busy, so was unable to can because I was getting home too late at night. Falling asleep with jars in a boiling water bath is a bad idea.

In any event, most of my green tomatoes actually started to ripen, so I no longer plan to deal with green tomatoes. However, should any of you have green tomatoes you need to do something with, consider this recipe. You're going to need some hot peppers, too, but you can always mess with it.

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