Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sometimes you have to choose

For about a year and a half, this blog has been almost exclusively about life as a temporary attorney. There have been deviations, especially lately, but for the most part I have have focused on the world of temps, whether it be funny things said at work, manifest injustices rained upon our heads or whatever. Every once in a while, I have made it clear I am a conservative, and the feedback has always made it clear that my audience is, for the most part, not.

This is not a surprise to me. I work with you people, after all, and am well aware of your political leanings. Usually, I have to bite my tongue, because politics is high on the list of verboten subjects at work. By which I mean, of course, that you will get in trouble for being a conservative, but not for being a liberal. Disagree with that statement if you like, but I can tell you it is true. And it is not agency-specific. So I have learned to keep my conservative leanings to myself.

Well, fuck that shit. I look at Instapundit and other sites where comments say they can't give their names because they'll get in trouble at work if people know they are conservatives. I have taken the same approach to this blog. I have generally avoided giving voice to my conservative views, and I have sort of kept myself anonymous. But let's face it. There are ways to find out who I am, and many of the people I work with already know who I am. Several of the agencies I work for suspect who I am, and at least one knows for sure. So far, it hasn't affected my ability to find work.

Nonetheless, I have attempted to maintain my anonymity because, as someone who comments publicly on the foibles of temp agencies, I am subject to reprisals by those agencies. I am not worried that my conservative views will cause me problems in getting hired, because I almost never discuss those views at work. Unfortunately, I have rarely discussed them here, either.

That has ended. I intend to continue posting about the lives of contract attorneys -- temps, to those of you new to this -- and I will continue to post about game food and whatever else catches my interest. Those aspects of this blog will not change.

However, I will no longer shy away from voicing conservative views. Sometimes you have to choose, though, and I choose to stand up for what I believe. I think the recent election and the things that are coming require all of us to decide where we stand and fight to advance that viewpoint. I am unwilling to watch my country circle the drain and remain silent. So I plan to be vocal in my opinions about what is going on politically.

 I realize some of my followers won't like that. I might lose some readers. I guess that's the price you pay. I think if you do a blog, it should be about who you are, or it will suck. I don't want this blog to suck. So if you can't handle some conservative views with your Temp Town commentary, I will miss you. Personally, I think you will be depriving yourself of some interesting Temp Town material, not to mention fabulous game food suggestions. If you leave because you can't handle some conservative opinions, though, I'm really not interested in trying to open your mind. I'm afraid of what I might find.

Update: A friend of mine pointed out that I used to say this more: If you don't like it, please refer to the name of the blog.


Answer Guy said...

You can post whatever you want, and I will probably at least try to read it. Until I don't and it won't matter much either way.

But there's a surplus of temp lawyers and a shortage of good blogs about them. One of the few things there's a bigger surplus of than temp lawyers is conservative blogs.

romeoalphafoxtrot said...

Good on ya, EFF'er! Don't hold back.

By the way, I stumbled across your site recently. Probably via Insty. said...

Glad you came by. Thanks for the support, and I hope you keep visiting. I'll try to make it worth your while.