Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving game food pr0n

Yeah, it's not easy doing game food on Thanksgiving. For one thing, when it comes to food, wolves don't play. So early on this afternoon I put up a serious spread. Folks are still recovering, getting ready for the next wave. Believe me, you'll see it later. And it's good. So here's the football food:

First up, we did onion straws again. These things are addictive.

We took a seafood theme today. Since fried shrimp and clam strips lost out in the poll to sliders for last Sunday, went ahead and did the whole mollusks and crustaceans thing today. First, the shrimp:

Also did clam strips:

Finally, the ever-present stuffed potato skins:

Yeah, no Packers game, so no Packers platter. Got to be consistent. Thanksgiving food porn coming up.

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