Sunday, November 25, 2012

Finally! Thanksgiving food pr0n!

I had to work Friday and Saturday -- more on that later, but think Pizza of Doom -- and was too near comatose later on Thanksgiving to post this. Finally, I get around to it. First of all, I think it is worth mentioning that my aunt the nun proclaimed that this was my best Thanksgiving feast ever. That is something, as she has done that only once before, and that was more than 10 years ago. She is there every year and, as a nun, is forbidden from blowing smoke up my ass on penalty of perdition, pergatory and other P words that escape me at the moment. So I take her at her word. Can't lie -- it was pretty fricking good. So, without further ado, here is the food porn:

First off, of course, is the turkey itself. Sixteen pounds of glorious goodness, done to a turn.

Naturally, turkey is nothing without gravy, which I do the old-fashioned way.

Chronologically speaking, though, I have gotten ahead of myself. We started the festivities (post-game food, of course) with a magnificent butternut squash soup that was to die for:

Never one to skimp on the sides, we had plenty. First, asparagus casserole:

Also, green bean casserole:

Mashed potatoes, of course:

It can't be Thanksgiving without sweet potatoes, so we had this casserole:

Not sure who has Thanksgiving without stuffing, but I don't. While this is in a dish, it is not dressing, which is stuffing that is not cooked in the bird. It is stuffing that I took out of the bird and put in a dish to crisp it up a little. A magnificent result, if I do say so myself:

If you still have room -- and people always do -- we have pumpkin pie, on the left, and a sweet potato pie with a cream cheese layer on the right. Bon appetit!

Of course, recipes are always available at com.

Update: Here's the full spread, with cranberry sauce on the right and bread at top left, next to the corn pudding at 12 o'clock, which I forgot to photograph separately:

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