Friday, November 9, 2012

Damn, y'all

When I sent Instapundit my humble request that he link to Time to realize what you voted for, I never thought  he would do it. Well, he did, and now I am here to report on the consequences, at least thus far. So yeah, this is just a mundane traffic post, but boy howdy is it not mundane from my perspective.

First of all, this is the list of countries that have visited Eff You for the first time: Thailand, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong, South Korea, Denmark, Colombia and the Philippines. Also, Canada, which I used to rag on for never visiting, went from 2 visitors to 443. That number is doubtless out of date.

How out of date? Let me put it this way. From April 2011 until about 6 pm today, this blog had 12,954 visitors. Beyond my circle of friends, but not exactly setting the world on fire. Since the Instapundit link and the beginning of the Instalanche: 16,370 visitors, and moving up so fast as to render that number impossible to update in any meaningful sense in the short term. I welcome all the new viewers, many of whom have posted comments or joined the blog as followers. Some have linked, liked or reposted the post that brought them here, and for that I thank them. Most of all, I thank Instapundit.

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