Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Dude, what is wrong with you?

I have to tell you, when I walk into the bathroom in Temp Town, I don't expect odd behavior, but I am never surprised when that is what I find. So today I walk into the bathroom, and someone is talking very loud. It quickly becomes clear that this is a telephone conversation. First of all, I think everyone who reads this blog regularly is clear on my position regarding talking on the phone in the bathroom. That is, DON'T. The person on the other end doesn't want to hear toilets flushing, especially if they are a client and think that you are charging them for the call. Or even if they are a flat-rate client and think you are devoting mental effort to their case at that moment. Even if they believe you are simply taking a leak, they might not think you are giving their case your full attention. I'm just saying.

Well, this guy clearly does not read this blog. Or he is totally lacking in self-awareness. Or something. In any event, I walk into the can and there is a very loud voice talking to someone, and a couple guys standing around looking shell-shocked. They, apparently, are waiting for a stall, one of which is occupied by the guy who is on the phone.  The other one is occupied by a guy with very loud serious gastro-intestinal issues, and I have a hard time believing that the person on the other end of the phone with Bathroom Phone Guy could not hear the farting, etc., that was going on. 

In any event, it sounded like this dude was talking to his soon-to-be ex-wife about settlement terms. I'm sure she was impressed by hearing flush after flush, not to mention the gastro-instestinal orchestra taking place next to her soon-to-be ex. The kicker was when this douchebag ended the phone call by saying, "I have to go to a meeting." Wow. Knowing that I wold be unable to resist saying something to this butthead, I leave without accomplishing my original purpose. Hey, it was crowded.

A couple minutes later, one of the guys who was standing around in the can waiting for Bathroom Phone Guy to vacate his stall came by my desk and said, "It gets worse. He didn't even wash his hands."


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