Sunday, March 29, 2015

Europe is on fire and Barry is getting NATO ready for the challenge. Oh, wait, never mind.

OK, so last week, the general secretary of NATO was in the U.S. for three days. I don't know why. I only know that the Obama administration declined to meet with him, despite NATO requests. I mean, it's not like there are problems in Europe or something. What a fucking dick:
President Barack Obama has yet to meet with the new head of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, and won't see Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg this week, even though he is in Washington for three days. Stoltenberg’s office requested a meeting with Obama well in advance of the visit, but never heard anything from the White House, two sources close to the NATO chief told me.
The leaders of almost all the other 28 NATO member countries have made time for Stoltenberg since he took over the world's largest military alliance in October. Stoltenberg, twice the prime minister of Norway, met Monday with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper in Ottawa to discuss the threat of the Islamic State and the crisis in Ukraine, two issues near the top of Obama's agenda.
Kurt Volker, who served as the U.S. permanent representative to NATO under both President George W. Bush and Obama, said the president broke a long tradition. “The Bush administration held a firm line that if the NATO secretary general came to town, he would be seen by the president ... so as not to diminish his stature or authority,” he told me.
Never mind that Russia is pouring arms into Ukraine to fight the legitimate government,  or that the Russians appear to be testing defenses, that they've threatened the UK and Sweden with mock bomber attacks, or that they've threatened Denmark because Denmark has committed ships to a NATO missile shield. No need to worry about NATO or our treaty obligations there, right? Why meet with the new NATO general secretary when all is quiet on the Eastern front? This fucking guy is going to get us killed.

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