Thursday, March 12, 2015

I got kit-tay photos, damn it

As always, Mrs. Wolves continues to take pictures of the kit-tays because they just so damn cute. Apparently, one of them spent some time the other day attacking a plastic bag:

They do that. Another one -- maybe the same one, as no one can really tell them apart anymore -- was examining some game packaging that was essentially a clear plastic box with one side open. I don't know why cats like to explore that kind of shit, but they do:

And, of course, since last weekend was drill weekend for Cpl. Wolves, he had his MOLLE pack loaded and ready to go. Naturally, a kit-tay felt the need to stake it out as her territory:

As much as Cpl. Wolves loves those kit-tays, I am reasonably confident that when the time came for him to head off to drill, that cat got evicted.

I'm still waiting for Mrs. Wolves to make another Murder and Mayhem video. Perhaps we'll get one soon.

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