Saturday, March 21, 2015

I'm sorry, the sink did what?

Sure, people talk about things looking like somebody set off a hand grenade in a bucket of shit, but nobody actually sets off a hand grenade in a bucket of shit. Except in Temp Town.

We got to work this morning to find that sometime during the night, somewhere in the plumbing something somehow turned the kitchen sink into a shit cannon. In the review space kitchen area, the sink experienced a major poo-splosion, blasting shit all over the wall behind the sink, the sink itself, the ceiling above it, the floor around it and pretty much everything within a couple feet of the sink. And when I say "shit," I don't mean "stuff." I mean shit. Poo. Poop. Caca. Dung. Manure. Fecal matter. Evil fudge. So yeah, we aren't going over there today. Guess we'll be buying bottled water across the street, too, since the filtered water dispenser is at Ground Zero.

It would seem that the same unknown process that turned the kitchen into a weapon of mass eruption also worked its magic on a sink in the women's restroom that is on the other side of the wall from the kitchen sink. But I have to take the word of other, more female members of the project for that, as I do not typically use the women's restroom. Not that anyone is now, of course. Good thing there are two.

Reckon I better get back to clicking before somebody points the cannon at me.

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