Friday, March 20, 2015

First day of Spring tomorrow!

That's right, kids, tomorrow is the vernal equinox. All you pagans get out there and worship trees, get your Druid on or whatever it is pagans do for the vernal equinox. Me, I just like saying vernal equinox. Makes me sound like I know something.

So what better way to celebrate the coming of Spring -- OK, sure, a day early -- than with a snowstorm? Some people woke up to daffodils, I woke up to this:

A pretty solid 2 inches on the ground, almost up to 3 and no signs of stopping in the next few hours. We are located right at the 6-inch line, so I expect we will get less than that, but more than we have. Maybe 4 inches. This is not a huge problem, but for once the federal government is not even on 2-hour delay, which means traffic will be awful, with tons of accidents. Which is why I am sitting home at 8 am, waiting it out. It's not sticking to the roads too much, but it is slick. People here can't drive in snow, so it is best to avoid driving in snow when hundreds of thousands of other people are doing so. Doesn't matter if I can drive in snow if the dude behind me can't and decides to park in my trunk.

Anyway, it looks like winter again:

It looks like I won't have to shovel, anyway. Supposed to turn to rain this afternoon. Right now, though, every snowflake is unique:

And many of them are on my car:

Winter is a stubborn bastard.

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