Sunday, March 1, 2015

I swear it only does this because I am working weekends

For the third weekend in a row, we had a winter storm that made my drive home ever so interesting. Today, it was snow, sleet and freezing rain -- everyone's favorite. It started snowing right before I got to work, and down in DC it quickly turned to freezing rain. Out where I live, it snowed about an inch before switching over to "wintry mix." I was only planning on working a half day Sunday -- lots of stuff to do back at home -- and I cut that an hour short because of the weather. My trip home was interesting, but nowhere near as interesting as it must have been for all the people I saw who had accidents on along the way -- mostly one-car accidents, at that. A few folks got up close and personal with the Jersey wall in the median. That's going to leave a mark.

I made it home fine, and ran my errands without incident. I just walked the dogs, and the storm is over, but I apparently am the only person on my block who put down salt (I actually use potassium chloride, which is basically fertilizer and totes plant-friendly), because the sidewalks are a skating rink. Both dogs fell on the ice, and you have not lived until you have seen a dog fall on the ice. I don't think they appreciated my laughter. I'm sure when I hit the roads tomorrow at zero dark thirty, I won't be laughing.

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