Tuesday, July 7, 2015

At least the Marines are promoting people with combat experience

While the Army and the Air Force are busy going full PC, promoting people who want to turn the services into mirrors of progressive society -- a distinct minority, by the way -- rather than fighting machines, the Marine Corps is busy promoting warriors. It gives me hope, although how these guys will survive the remainder of Emperor Barry I's reign is beyond me. First, we had Marine Gen. Joseph Dunford Jr., who distinguished himself in Iraq and Afghanistan, appointed to be chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, only the second Marine named to that position. Now, we have a man nominated to be commandant of the Marine Corps who also apparently is a fighter.

Another Iraq veteran, Lt. Gen. Robert Neller, who has a reputation as a badass, is in line to succedd Dunford as commandant. The Corps, apparently, is full of stories about Neller. He might not be Chesty Puller, but he sure as hell sounds like a Marine:
It was a sweaty morning at Rodman Naval Base in Panama. Then-Col. Robert Neller, a visiting regimental commander, was out on a run with troops from Fox Company, 2nd Battalion, 6th Marines. The company commander, Capt. Jeff Dill, eyed a rise in the distance known affectionately as Suicide Hill, and decided to spare the senior officer and go around it.
All of a sudden, he felt Neller breathing in his ear. "How come you didn't go up the hill, captain?" Neller demanded. "You don't have the hair on your ass."
Dill immediately reversed course, eventually reaching the hilltop despite sustaining a number of casualties involving Marines who had overindulged the night before. When the run ended, Neller flashed a grin.
"Good for you, captain," he said that morning in 1998. "You don't back down from a challenge."
What I read about this guy indicates he will be a good commandant, which, of course, makes me wonder how the hell he got appointed by the Obama administration. Anyway, good luck, Gen. Neller. Semper Fi.

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