Sunday, July 26, 2015

Hot diggity damn! Group seeks to have prostitution bans declared unconstitutional!

This is much better than the lawsuit seeking a constitutional right to polygamy that was filed in the wake of the Supreme Court ruling that there is a constitutional right to same-sex marriage -- something same-sex marriage advocates argued would never happen, by the way. No, I think the same-sex guys, in seeking a "right" to marry, opened a door that no one imagined -- unless, of course, you thought about it for a second or two first. But hey, sounds good to me:
"Our hope in the lawsuit is to have the anti-prostitution law overturned as unconstitutional and invalidated in the state of California," says Maxine Doogan, a working prostitute and president of the Erotic Service Provider Legal, Education, and Research Project (ESPLER), a group that has filed a lawsuit against California's attorney general and several mayors. "We don't have equal protection under the law."
Reason has a video at the link that goes into the legal argument. Pretty interesting stuff in a legal, esoteric way. Let's face it, this kind of fallout could be easily predicted. Without judging their likelihood of success, I predict the North American Man-Boy Love Association or some such similar group will be filing its suit soon, as will animal lovers, and I do mean animal lovers, the so-called polyamorous folks (not polygamists, who have one spouse of one gender with multiple spouses of the other gender -- they already filed a suit; polyamorous types involve multiple spouses of each gender), and whatever other group you can think of. Join the party, kids. Gitcher right to marry, right here.

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