Tuesday, July 28, 2015

I don't want to hear about what a great economy Obama is presiding over

I have a couple cousins on Facebook who are very nice, but basically fucking crazy. One of them keeps posting talking points from Occupy Democrats -- which, by the way, should tell you how far left they are -- letting us know how fucking wonderful everything is, economically. And so I get this post on my Facebook page:

Occupy Democrats's photo.

You know what I don't get from this graphic? Companies don't have to lay off because they already fucking laid off everybody they could.. You know  what else I don't get from this graphic?  The fact that home ownership rates are the lowest since 1967.  Or that labor force participation rates are at the lowest rate in 40 years. Or that the unemployment rate, using the labor force participation rate when Emperor Barry came into office, would be 11 percent. Those people just quit looking for jobs, which is why so-called unemployment rate is so low.

I also don't get from this graphic that the stock market is at record high levels because of quantitative easing, where the Federal Reserve buys back bonds from banks and corporations -- at no cost to banks and corporations, because the Fed is essentially printing money and handing it to them -- who get to invest that money elsewhere and get actual returns.  I also don't get that that the recovery from the last recession is the worst, slowest, whatever term for bad you want to call it since World War II.

Other than that, everything is fucking ducky. Don't piss down my back and tell me it's raining.

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