Saturday, July 18, 2015

Hot damn, farming turns out to be mostly harvesting!

I love this time of year, y'all. The stuff is in the ground and all I have to do is pick it, mostly. Yesterday, Farmer Tom grabbed a couple squash, and three zucchini:

I went over to The Farm today, and the cucumbers were climbing nicely, although they are fighting for space with the tomatoes:

Farmer Tom put in a third bean crop, which is just not popping up:

The second bean crop is doing well:

Farmer Tom also put in some broccoli and spinach for fall harvest, which are just starting to appear. Mostly, it just looks like dirt:

However, just thinning carrots, harvesting squash and zukes, and harvesting beans, this is what we got:

Pretty damn good for one day. We'll see what next week brings. However, this volunteer plant holds a lot of promise:

We didn't plant it. I don't know how it got there. But it looks like maybe somebody was eating watermelon and spitting seeds, because that sure looks like a watermelon in the making:

And, yeah, while the cherry tomatoes have been producing for a couple weeks, we are about to be up to our butts in tomatoes of the larger varieties. The plants are covered with them, and even now a few are getting ready for harvest:

Can't wait. Not even sure at this point how to preserve carrots, so I guess we better cook with them.

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