Thursday, July 16, 2015

OK, yeah, I did some farming last weekend

Amazing how when you aren't working, it gets easier to not do stuff -- like post your Farm pictures. Anyway, guess I'll catch up now. Of course, Jeb the Wonder Dog went with me:

Looks like the zukes are doing OK, despite the seemingly continuous rainfall:

That's Farmer Tom tending the zukes and squash bed, which needs more sunshine but is doing OK:

The onions seem to like their full-sun position:

The potatoes, on the other hand, are not liking the amount of rain we've had:

Peppers coming along:


And the habaneros:

Green beans, still busting:

Look good from a distance, too:

Here's the second crop of green beans, coming right along:

This is the old spinach bed, begging to be tilled under and planted with something else:

The carrots, still crying out for thinning:

So we thin:

 Maters are getting there:

That's the Romas. Here are the Big Boys or whatever:

Another pretty good haul of beans:

All in all, spuds aside, The Farm is doing reasonably well this summer. More sunshine, a little less rain, and we could be bumper crops all around. We'll see.

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