Tuesday, July 14, 2015

He's going to have a legacy from this, all right

Just not the one he's hoping for. Secretary of State John "Reminiscent of Genghis Khan" Kerry and Emperor Barry I "I Don't Give A Fuck if Iran Nukes Israel" Obama have reached a "deal" with Iran that supposedly limits Iran's nuclear program. Of course, the inspections only occur when the Iranians say so, where they say so. They get $100 billion in released assets because of the lifting of sanctions. They now have serious money to go ahead and sponsor terrorism worldwide as they see fit, as well as to bulk up their armed forces. With sanctions gone, they plan to double their oil exports, further increasing their ability to fund terror. And, of course, they are unrelenting in their hatred of the U.S. and their determination to eliminate Israel. The cherry on top is we didn't even manage to secure the release of four Americans held prisoner in Iran for political purposes. That's what I call a deal. We pursued this deal despite the fact that the State Department acknowledges in its annual report that Iran's sponsorship of international terrorism is "undiminished."

But I'm sure we can trust them to be good and abide by the deal. And if Iran decides not to abide by the terms -- they've been cheating on the pre-agreement all along, but I'm sure they have no plans to cheat going forward, right? -- we haven't delayed nuclear weapons in the Middle East at all, Emperor Barry's delusional statements to the contrary notwithstanding suggesting that all ways for Iran to get a nuclear weapon have been "cut off."

As for Barry's contention that this deal will short-circuit a nuclear arms race in the Middle East, I would suggest that Saudi Arabia and every single one of Iran's other enemies in the region -- which is every Arab nation, so, yeah, pretty much every other nation in the region -- is not in the market for a nuclear weapon if they can afford it. And they can afford it. Barry just started a nuclear arms race. Even if the deal delays Iran getting a nuke for 10-15 years, as Barry and company claim, all that means is the Saudis and the other Gulf Arab states know they better have a nuke themselves no later than 10 years from now, and preferably much sooner.

Barry wanted a legacy, all right. He wanted one really bad, and he didn't care how fucking awful the deal was. Well, he got one that is really bad. Iran will politely wait until he is out of office to cheat, or at least to reveal that it is cheating. Barry will get his legacy, though. Kind of like Neville Chamberlain did.

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