Sunday, August 9, 2015

Can't shop at Target anymore, I guess

If Target is going to cave to a radical minority, I guess they'll have to do so without my money supporting the effort. The retail chain has decided to stop helping consumers find shit:
The big box retailer announced Friday that it will start phasing out gender-based signage in some departments. The shift comes in response to customer feedback that distinguishing between products for girls and boys is unnecessary and maybe even harmful.
Seems to me that this effort, apparently limited for now mainly to the toy section, can only lead to a total surrender. Do you really think the Social Justice Warriors will stop at this? The pressure will stay on until clothing departments, shoes and everything else are no longer marked by gender-based signage. Good luck finding the Men's Clothing department. The never-ending effort to make everyone pretend there are no differences between males and females. There are. Period. Get used to it.

The SJWs think all kids will play with the same toys if we just don't "label" the toys. One word: bullshit. When I was but a lad, toy guns were too expensive for the family of a junior Marine officer. No problem -- we made our own out of wood scraps (this was back when kids of single-digit age were allowed to use power tools). It never occurred to us to play dress-up or ask Santa for an Easy Bake oven, and it wasn't because of the signs in the toy store.

Look, if Target wants to pander to the SJWs, fine. Let 'em. I'm just glad CVS bought their pharmacy division. That way my money won't be going to Target and I don't have to change pharmacies. That would be a pain in the ass. As for Target? Well, they can refer to the title of the blog. At least the first two words.

Hat tip to Hot Air.

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Cat said...

Aww don't worry Mr. Wolves--I'm sure you're smart enough to find what you want without those pesky and clearly unnecessary signs. And should you be blessed with grandcubs you can figure out where appropriate toys are located. If not ask Mrs. Wolves. Don't see the problem here.