Wednesday, August 19, 2015

This really is a shitty way to make a living

As projects go, this one actually is better than most. We have a good rate (for the times, anyway), overtime available and they leave us alone. Even though we are actually at the law firm, the firm almost never checks in on us and the agency never does. Being left alone is good. So, for the most part, this project is OK.

Of course, we have our tense moments. Because the project was advertised as 2-3 weeks (and we hit two weeks tomorrow), speculation is rampant about when the ax will fall. Last week, we were told on Wednesday that there had been no decision on weekend hours, or even whether we would continue with overtime. That led to near-panic that we were about to get cut -- until later that afternoon, when we were told the overtime was there and so were the weekend hours.

Today, we got an email letting us know that there would be an announcement later in the morning. Again, panic. But when the announcement came, it was almost all administrative crap about signing in and out properly and shit like that. And that we would have weekend hours as before and the cap is at 60 hours total, as before. Status quo with a side of administrative bullshit, in other words.

Which leaves us still wondering when the ax will fall. We know we have this week, through the weekend. After that? Who knows? Guess we'll find out.

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