Monday, August 10, 2015

These are the guys "protecting" the environment? Seriously?

Because the country is in the best of hands, naturally:
(CNN)A federal cleanup crew accidentally caused a big, and potentially hazardous, mess in Colorado, according to the Environmental Protection Agency.
An estimated 1 million gallons of wastewater spilled out of an abandoned mine area in the southern part of the state on Wednesday, turning the Animas River orange and prompting the EPA to tell locals to avoid it.
Really, are these the people telling us we can't cook out in our back yards, that we can't do this or that with our property because there is a fucking mud puddle that qualifies as a "wetland," that we need to do without electricity because of carbon dioxide, which is plant food that every human on the planet emits copiously? Fuck 'em. Because this is what the guardians of our environment do to our rivers:

I guess if you're a fan of the University of Tennessee Volunteers, then orange rivers are cool. Or maybe not:
Officials said they believe the spill carried heavy metals, mainly iron, zinc and copper, from the mine into a creek that feeds into the Animas River. From there, the orange water plugged steadily along through the small stretch of winding river in southern Colorado and across the state border to New Mexico where the Animas meets the San Juan River. The EPA said it will continue to sample water downstream from the mine until the contamination has passed and it determines there are "no additional concerns for aquatic life or water users." When asked if the spill could affect drinking water, the EPA spokesperson said she did not yet know.
The list of what the EPA doesn't know could fill volumes. We absolutely must stop treating these people as authoritative and start treating them as the partisan ideologue hacks that they are.

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