Monday, August 3, 2015

When a liberal has lost A.B. Stoddard . . .

. . . you know they're in trouble. And boy, has Hillary lost A.B. Stoddard. For those of you who don't know, Stoddard is an associate editor at The Hill, a semi-official, very lefty publication that covers Congress. She is pretty left herself, and appears frequently as a panelist on Fox News to represent the left side of the aisle. Well, she apparently thinks Hillary's campaign is approaching joke territory:
Those Clinton campaign strategists are so clever: trying to just lighten up this whole process, appeal to the young, show they get the joke and turn Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign into a late-night comedy punch line.
In just days, Clinton has issued dire warnings about climate change; been caught jumping on and off a private plane; pledged, because of the plane’s emissions, to the make her campaign carbon neutral (without revealing how); jetted to New York City for a $600 haircut; and refused to reveal her position on the Keystone XL pipeline, which those same voters interested in climate change are asking her about.
Has Clinton fallen into the Republicans’ trap, trying to outdo Donald Trump in bad publicity, or does she want her candidacy to become a permanent skit on “Saturday Night Live”?
Obvious mistakes aren’t being avoided but amplified, and negative stereotypes are being embraced.
It isn't a long piece, which makes it difficult not to just quote the whole thing, but copyright law doesn't let me do that kind of thing. As Instapundit would say, read the whole thing.

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