Monday, August 3, 2015

I guess it could be worse

This project was advertised as 2-3 days. We just completed day 3 and are less than 1/2 done. On the other hand, Day 1 was considerably less than a half-day, and the pace always picks up as folks get familiar with the documents. On the other other hand, one guy quit after the first day, and another person wasn't there today. Not sure if she quit, but we only started with six people, so we are down at least one, maybe two. One of the remaining four (or five, depending on whether the missing chick comes back) is absolutely worthless. He wants the project to last until September and his pace reflects that. He doesn't realize, I guess, that it can't. This is a rush job and they want it done yesterday. So his candy ass approach to the documents won't really drag things out that much.

Best guess? Done Wednesday. Could be better, but that's life. I sure hope some projects crop up in the next couple days. But I'm not betting on it.

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