Monday, August 10, 2015

Did a little farming this weekend

So, I went to The Farm this weekend -- twice. My main trip was on Saturday. Mostly I watered, but I did a survey of the crops and a little harvesting. Turns out that volunteer melon-like plant over by the tomatoes is a pumpkin plant. And it's doing OK:

There are at least four pumpkins on the vine. Here's a couple more:

The broccoli continues to do well. It requires frequent watering to get it through this hot dry spell, but I think it's going to make it:

Bean crop #2 is thriving:

And bean crop #3 is coming along, as well. Probably see some harvest from crop #2 in a couple weeks:

The hot, dry weather has been particularly well-received over in the pepper bed, however. The banana peppers continue to pump:

And the serranos also are cranking, as are the habanerors, the chilis and the bells:

As I mention, I did a little harvesting. Got me some carrots, lots of tomatoes, good number of habaneros, some zukes and a squash:

Sounds like more zucchini bread coming, as well as some hot sauce on the horizon. Stay tuned.

For my Sunday trip, I watered and grabbed a few more tomatoes. Not much else to do, really, although with Farmer Tom now off on the Appalachian Trail until October, I have three or four beds that need fall crops. Need to pick something soon. Suggestions?

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