Monday, August 3, 2015

Hell, the farming was so good this weekend, I went twice

Technically, if you count the farming I did at the house of the folks for whom Mrs. Wolves is house-sitting while they're at the beach, I went three times. Got a bunch of maters, cukes, zukes, beans and squash from that garden. But the real action was down on The Farm.

When I got there, the recent lack of rain was showing on our volunteer whatever-the-fuck-this-is plant. The leaves were wilted and unhappy:

All over the damn place:

So I watered. Most of what I did Saturday was water, really. Stuff was pretty dry. But watering the whatever-the-hell-this-is volunteer paid dividends:

As you can see, the leaves quickly unwilted. All over the place:

So that was a good thing. I also harvested the last of the onions:

I found some peppers ready to pick:

Including some good-looking serranos:

The first crop of beans looked ready for its last harvest:

Meanwhile, Jeb the Wonder Dog sought shelter from the brutal sun in the shade of the first-crop bean plants. I don't know how well that worked:

I went through the first bed of the first-crop beans, pulling each plant and taking the beans big enough to harvest. Everything else went into the compost heap. When I was done, the bed looked like this, awaiting a new fall crop:

And the harvest bucket looked like this:

Good bunch of peppers, same for beans, some tomatoes, a zuke. All in all, not a bad day. Then I came back on Sunday. I made the rounds again, harvesting a bunch of stuff, then went after the second bed of the first-crop beans. I forgot to take the camera with me (look, we've been over this -- I don't have a smart phone, so suck it, I use a camera), but I went through the same procedure with the second bean bed. Pulled the plants, harvested the good beans, composted the remains. Wound up with a pretty good bunch of stuff:

Carrots, beans and peppers -- almost as many beans from the last first-crop harvest as from the first. In a couple weeks, I guess we'll be getting second-crop beans, with third-crop stuff a few weeks behind that. In the meantime, I now have four empty beds for which I am trying to find crops to plant for the fall. Stay tuned.

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