Sunday, August 23, 2015

The fastest white boy in the league ain't moving so good right now

The joke around the Wolves household for several NFL seasons now has revolved around Jordy Nelson, the Green Bay Packers' top wide receiver. Every time Nelson made a catch, I would say, "Jordy Nelson, fastest white boy in the league," and Mrs. Wolves would tell me to stop saying that. Naturally, I trained Married Into Wolves to help me out. I would say "Jordy Nelson" and Married Into Wolves would say "Fastest white boy in the league." Mrs. Wolves really couldn't do anything about that.

Well, the Pittsburgh Steelers did. Jordy Nelson went down today with what appears to be a season-ending injury. I don't think this kills the Packers Super Bowl hopes -- Aaron Rodgers turns mediocre receivers into good ones, and good ones into great ones. The Packers have a lot of good receivers on the roster. People will have to step up. But I still hope Jordy isn't done for the year, if only so that Married Into Wolves and I can irritate Mrs. Wolves with our schtick. Guess we'll know soon enough. Maybe Jeff Janis can be the new "fastest white boy in the league."

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