Monday, June 22, 2015

A special post on cute chicks elected to the Danish Parliament

(Editor's note: I have long suspected that Denmark will lead us into the future. This confirms it, in the first of what we hope will be many posts from Eff You's European Correspondent. Please welcome RAF with a big Eff You.)

Eff You European Correspondent

An election for the Danish Parliament was held on Thursday, June 18th. The pro-freedom wing of the Parliament won a narrow victory and deposed of the socialist PM Helle Thorning Schmidt (of ”selfie with Obama” fame.)

The leftists won 89 seats and the responsible and rational parties won 90 seats. The election was a close run between the rival wings of parliament, despite leftist government of the last 4 years being very unpopular. The main theory behind this is that the voters weren’t too keen on the PM candidate of the right wing, Lars Løkke Rasmussen. Lars is a bit of a twit, and although the right wing won, Lars’ own party (Venstre) got a beating from the voters.

Anyway - straight on to the important stuff: Pictures of chicks.

Mai Mercado, de Konservative (”the Conservatives”).

The Conservatives are a tiny party of proper, old-fashioned reactionaries. For God, King* and Country!

(*Well, Queen at present, but the traditional saying is ”King”)
Macintosh HD:Users:OKB:Desktop:DBA:Mai-Mercado-1-e1428174865687.jpg

Britt Bager, Venstre (”the Left”). Venstre is a classical liberal party: Pro-freedom, pro-business and anti-government. This may confuse Americans, as ”liberal” means something else entirely on your side of the pond. Their name refers to the early days of Parliament when conservatives sat on the right side, and liberals on the left.

Macintosh HD:Users:OKB:Desktop:DBA:Britt-Bager.jpg

Sofie Løhde, also from Venstre:

Macintosh HD:Users:OKB:Desktop:DBA:Sofie Løhde V.jpg

Mette Hjermind Dencker, Dansk Folkeparti (Danish Peoples’ Party). The Danish Peoples’ Party are tough on crime, anti-islam and anti-EU. This makes them immensily unpopular among the politically correct ”elite” - and very popular among Danish voters.

Macintosh HD:Users:OKB:Desktop:DBA:8096834-mettehjerminddencker.jpg

Socialdemokraterne (”the Social Democrats”). A leftist party and traditionally the biggest party in Parliament. Full of career politicians. Here’s a few of them:

Ida Auken. Cute, but bat-shit crazy. Would gladly send anybody who disagrees with her to Gulag, if she had the power to do so.
Macintosh HD:Users:OKB:Desktop:DBA:hkYspXoL.jpeg
Macintosh HD:Users:OKB:Desktop:DBA:ida-auken.jpg

Astrid Kragh. She can dance.

Macintosh HD:Users:OKB:Desktop:DBA:astrid5.jpgMacintosh HD:Users:OKB:Desktop:DBA:astrid4.jpg

Pernille Skipper, Enhedslisten (”the Unity Party”). A fringe party of outright communists. But even communist can be pretty:

Macintosh HD:Users:OKB:Desktop:DBA:pernille_skipper.jpg

Macintosh HD:Users:OKB:Desktop:DBA:Pernille-Skipper-EL-foto-Facebook1.jpg

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