Monday, June 15, 2015

Maybe the worst day ever

No, not because the turds I am working for sat us down yet again -- yes, I am looking for another project, as this one clearly has become unreliable -- but because today the kit-tays left us. Married Into Wolves came by today to pick them up and take them to their new home with her and Cpl. Wolves. Mrs. Wolves is, to say the least, devastated by the loss of her beloved kit-tays. For her, I'll run a montage of recent photos she took of the kit-tays at rest and at play.Frankly, since they are kit-tays, it was mostly rest:

They both like to sleep with her:

A lot:

They have always like to cuddle up in her chair while she works at her computer, forcing her to sit on the ottoman (or, more recently, a yoga ball):

They were always on the lookout for an escape route:


Not that they hated nap time or anything:

So, the kit-tays have moved out, and I have been instructed not to try and replace them with new kit-tays. She's probably right about that. I hope we get reasonable visitation rights.

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