Monday, June 15, 2015

Spent some time on The Farm this weekend

I went to The Farm Saturday, and found there was some maintenance to do, plus a little remunerative activity, as well. A check on the status of crops found things looking pretty good. The new spuds bed is flourishing:

The squash and zukes likewise are looking good (still):

The peas were flourishing and in need of harvest:

The peppers could be doing better. I blame Farmer Tom:

The beans look great and are flowering. I take full credit:

The carrots likewise look good. Had to thin them some, but the future's so bright, I have to wear shades:

I'm, sorry, did I say that? Timbuk3 said it first:

On the other hand, those guys did nothing to help with The Farm, so we'll leave them behind. Looks like the garlic needs a bunch of weeding, too:

The maters look good:

Flowering, y'all:

The onions bed was clearly in need of major weeding:

So, I weeded that shit:

Fucking near killed me. It was about a million degrees with a bazillion percent humidity. Probably lost 5 pounds weeding those onions. Alas, it all came back with the beer I drank to recover from my weeding experience. Anyway, it broke me so bad, the garlic remains unweeded. Fortunately, Farmer Tom harvested some peas:

Lots more still on the vine, getting ripe:

Wound up with about a quart. I'll probably use mine fresh. Canning in the future:

Next week, I have to weed the garlic. I planted a couple cuke plants to turn into pickles, so we will track their progress, as well.

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