Saturday, June 27, 2015

The kit-tays have moved, but Mrs. Wolves follows

So, yeah, I am still posting cat photos. On Saturdays, when both Cpl. Wolves and Married Into Wolves work, Mrs. Wolves goes to the second wolf den and kit-tay sits. Because of the nature of the kit-tays, and Mrs. Wolves' nature, this results in pictures. Because I want to wake up tomorrow uninjured, this in turn means that I have a post of kit-tay photos. Deal with it.

This week, we are featuring "Kitty in a bag." I have no damn idea which kitty it is, nor why the bag was there, nor why the kitty decide the bag was a good place to hang. So I offer these without explanatory commentary:

Sure, she's cute. I have no damn idea why she likes hanging in a bag. You tell me.

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