Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Yes, I went to The Farm Sunday

After taking a week off for the wedding of Cpl. Wolves, I went back to The Farm Sunday. It is amazing how much farm stuff can take place in two weeks at this time of year. Makes you want to believe in God.

Naturally, Jeb the Wonder Dog attended:

The tomatoes continue to look good, if uneventful:

The second bed of spuds is getting outrageously big. I have high hopes:

The squash and zukes are taking hold nicely:

As are the peppers:

The beans are finally busting loose. Lots of flowers on them. I anticipate a good crop, assuming Farmer Tom does not forget to leave the deer protectors on:

We never had carrots look like this. Full sun truly agrees with them:

The garlic needs weeding, but it looks great. Again, moving to full sun has been a boon for these guys:

The peas are almost ready to start harvesting, and they look really good:

The spinach, on the other hand, was so leggy that it clearly was time to clear the bed and start a new crop. Fortunately, spinach grows so fast you can do that:

The lettuce also was rampaging. Didn't pull it and start a new bunch, but it hasn't been ruled out:

As for the radishes, they never really recovered from not being thinned. I decline to point fingers on that one, but I clearly should have done more for these poor guys:

I harvested them, and we'll see what we put there:

For now, we have dirt:

Dirt, of course, is what we had in the spinach bed, as well, once I pulled that stuff out. We'll see if we plant more spinach or maybe something else. Pickles, maybe?

I seem to be no hiatus from work, so maybe tomorrow I will go by The Farm and see what's what. Maybe I can do some damage.

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