Saturday, June 13, 2015

As a Southerner, I am unaffected by this utter horseshit

Vox, in its never-ending effort to prove that everyone on its staff is a blithering idiot, has taken up the fight against the use of that insidious expression, "you guys:" Apparently, calling a group of people that includes men and women "you guys" is sexist and simply cannot be allowed to continue. The piece at Vox goes on at length about "microagressions" and similar such horseshit.

The guys worried about the use of "you guys" are too ignorant to understand that this is the kind of problem made up so that they can believe they are actually addressing problems by opposing the use of "you guys." They are so wrapped up in addressing imaginary wrongs that they fail to realize that the use of "you guys" is not a problem at all, except in the made-up, painfully self-centered way that progressive urban hipsters imagine the world to be.

Fortunately, as a Southerner, this is not my problem. We say "y'all." And if a bunch of damn Yankee progressive urban hipsters try to start using "y'all" to escape their stupid faux-guilt over using "you guys," I won't go to YouTube and try to shame them for appropriating someone else's culture to assuage their own guilt. That is for urban hipsters. No, I'll simply beat the fuck out of them. All of them. Might take a while, but I've got time.

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