Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Hot diggity damn, y'all, Cpl. Wolves got married; Update!

A week ago Sunday, Cpl. Wolves and Marrying Into Wolves tied the knot. I guess she is now Married Into Wolves. It was quite an event. Not only did Married Into Wolves' family put together a fabulous wedding and a truly unforgettable reception dinner/party/throwdown of epic proportions, but almost all living members of the Wolf Pack attended. Only three of the Wolf clan couldn't make it -- alas, Major Wolves, the patriarch of the clan, among them. Nonetheless, all of my litter mates and a number of offspring were among the attendees. Minnesota Wolves, my youngest cub, brought his girlfriend, who we all hope will be my next daughter-in-law. Guess we'll see about that.

Things got started that Friday night with the rehearsal dinner. Mrs. Wolves put together a nice welcoming display:

Truthfully, I was too busy enjoying the really wonderful food that Brewers' Alley in Frederick put on the table and enjoying the company of Minnesota Wolves, who moved to the Land of 10,000 Lakes several years ago, and his lovely girlfriend, who does not yet have a Wolves name. Marrying Into Wolves, however, was spotted having a good time with Maid of Honor to Wolves:

Before the dinner, Minnesota Wolves and his girlfriend (who really needs a better name -- help me out here, people) posed for a picture sometime between their arrival after a 19-hour drive and going to the rehearsal dinner:

Saturday night, the Wolf Pack enjoyed burgers and dogs at Chez Wolves. Minnesota Wolves helped cook:

Froosh Wolves (don't ask) was there, with Granddaughter Wolves:

Brother Wolves also attended:

Sister Wolves, younger sister to Raised by Wolves, failed to appear in a photo that turned out worth a shit, but that is my fault, not hers. She came all the way from Florida, same as Froosh Wolves. There were a lot of smart phones there snapping pictures. If one of them captured a picture of Sister Wolves, she'll get posted.

Sunday, the party really got going. It started, of course, with Cpl. Wolves getting his wedding suit on:

Next thing we knew, there they were, standing in front of God and everybody. Cpl. Wolves wrote vows that had several single women in the crowd volunteering, and Married Into Wolves wrote vows that made everybody cry. The ceremony was a beautiful as they are:

What happened next is, I am convinced, what helped make the reception such a great party. It put folks in the mood to really cut loose. Most of Married Into Wolves' family is from New Orleans. Naturally, then we did a traditional Second Line, complete with a New Orleans jazz band. We marched all around the waterfront in downtown Frederick:

Led by a band:

Waving hankies, with the traditional accoutrements:

Sorry I have such a crappy camera. The band was great. The flower girl and Granddaughter Wolves hit it off, and later engaged in a dance-off:

The males wolves were all together for I think the first time ever (I am taking the picture, not in it):

And there was much merriment at the reception:

Much merriment:

Including merriment for Cpl. and Married Into Wolves:

Best Man to Wolves gave a nice speech:

And then I quit taking pictures and danced my ass off with everyone else. Pictures exist, of course. Perhaps some will find their way here. It was, I was repeatedly told, the most beautiful wedding and greatest reception party ever. I can't disagree.

Update: Here we have  a picture of Sister Wolves. She is in the foreground, on the left:


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Congratulations! Best of luck to the young couple.