Monday, June 29, 2015

Summertime, and the farming is easy

The move to a sunnier location has really paid off this year. The bug traps are working great,  and we are up to our butts in veggies, despite the early date. Rhyme not intended. Anyway, I went to The Farm today, and Farmer Tom had already gone batshit harvesting green beans. A week ago, the beans were flowering. Today, we could feed an army:

Yes, that washtub is full of green beans. Could have filled another, but Farmer Tom only picked the big ones. I can't can that many beans, so my neighbors scored. As you can see, the beans and, to the left, the carrots look great:

Last year, in the less-sunny location, these carrots would have been considered a rousing success. This year, this is what we get when we thin the carrots:

The cucumbers are flowering:

The tomatoes are starting to put out fruit:

And they look good doing it:

No, really, we have lots of green maters on the vine:

Pleased with the onions:

Just a few weeks until we have some potatoes:

Ditto for squash. Jury out on the zucchini:

Last year, this would have been our champion onion. New location, and this is a guy weeks away from harvest. Very pleased:

Jeb the Wonder Dog also looks pleased, but he is not the one who weeded the garlic:

But he rides shotgun like nobody's business:

Can't wait to see what is blossoming next week. Squash on the horizon, plus maters and more beans. We will be doing some new planting, too, to replace crops that are done. Stay tuned.

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