Monday, June 15, 2015

I got plans, y'all

For some reason, Farmer John -- the farmer who plants the field next to my house whose name is almost undoubtedly not John -- planted winter wheat this year and harvested it in May while it was green. I don't know why. Might be a good reason for this, but my agricultural knowledge is not sufficient to know what it might be. He replaced the wheat with what appears to me to be soybeans. This, I understand -- soybeans can draw nitrogen from the air and are a nitrogen-fixing plant, so they don't require that you fertilize a field with nitrogen. On the contrary, they help prepare a field for nitrogen-needy plants the next season. Anyway, looks like soybeans to me:

But I have found, in walking Jeb the Wonder Dog, that along the edges of the field, we have a lot of wheat:

I plan to let it grow to maturity and harvest it. It might not be "amber waves of grain," but there is enough for me to make some flour and turn that into bread. I can hardly wait. Probably mid-July harvest, so stay tuned on that.

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