Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Chile checks in for the first time

Mind you, this is not a travel blog. Unless, of course, I say it is. Glad to see that Chile has joined the majority of South American countries in dropping by Eff You, so I will give you all a little background on Chile.

As my libtard friends know, Chile is pronounced on NPR as "Chee-Lay." NPR likes to give the proper Spanish pronunciation for the names of countries that have names of Spanish origin. On the other hand, they don't give two shakes of a rat's ass about the pronunciation of the names of countries in other languages -- hear about "Deutscheland" much on NPR, do you? -- so as far as Eff You is concerned, the name of this country rhymes with "Willie." Don't like it? Refer to the title of the blog.

 In any event, Chile
 officially the Republic of Chile, is a South American country occupying a long, narrow strip of land between the Andes to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west. It borders Peru to the north, Bolivia to the northeast, Argentina to the east, and the Drake Passagein the far south. Chilean territory includes the Pacific islands of Juan Fernández, Salas y Gómez, Desventuradas, and Easter Island in Oceania. Chile also claims about 1,250,000 square kilometres (480,000 sq mi) of Antarctica, although all claims are suspended under the Antarctic Treaty.
They have a lot of copper, and they export that. The Incas used to live there, but the Spaniards came in the early 1500s and killed most of them, either directly or through disease. Naturally, they stole the Inca's gold and stuff first. The Spaniards were like that, back when they were swinging a stick. It's been a while.

After a bunch of fighting with Spain, Chile declared its independence in 1818. With all due respect, what followed was mostly political instability or else oppression. Lately they've been politically stable and economically prosperous, at least relative to the region. They still do a shitload of copper mining.

Chile is pushing tourism as an economic engine, and with the Galapagos Islands and Easter Island among its possessions, they have stuff to sell. Plus the Inca ruins, like Machu Picchu. They're getting it done on that front. Looks like a bucket list item:

So everybody toss out a big Eff You welcome to Chile. Thanks for coming by, keep coming back and bring your friends.

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