Sunday, January 3, 2016

A second Wolves Christmas

Minnesota Wolves and Future Wolves came to town on Tuesday from, oddly enough, Minnesota. Mostly they have fucked with my sleep cycle, but in a good way. Trying to get work in (reduced hours, of course) while spending time with them. Work lost. Anyway, Thursday -- New Year's Eve -- we had a second Christmas. Did stockings, presents, etc. One of the big issues was that Future Wolves is toting around Wolves: The Next Generation and is, alas, as a native of Minnesota, a ViQueens fan. This mandated our selection of certain of the presents. They like the stocking swag:

And Future Wolves even managed to smile when she opened the Packers bibs:

Minnesota Wolves like the bibs much more, as they tend to negate the ViQueens blanket someone in Future Wolves seems to have gotten Wolves: The Next Generation:

And did I mention the Packers onesies:

Future Wolves also gift-wrapped Minnesota Wolves, for herself, I guess:

As second Christmases go, pretty damn good. Getting ready to watch the Packers-ViQueens match-up, which means we have a game food post coming, too. Stay tuned.

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