Saturday, January 23, 2016

Darkness falls, and so does the snow

I'm pretty sure we're over 3 feet at the point these pictures are taken -- about 5 pm. People were out shoveling:

But Jeb the Wonder Dog needed to excrete:

While Jeb was about his business -- maybe -- I tried to get some perspective on the mountains of snow in front of my house:

Jeb the Wonder Dog is less of a snow weenie when some shoveling has been done:

Unassisted by shoveling cast-offs, the snow was up to the windows as one of my neighbors:

Jeb the Wonder Dog is, of course, not the only dog in the house that needs to excrete. Sadie the Auxiliary Back-Up Dog also has needs. She likes snow even less that JTWD:

She peed as quickly as possible and headed for the door:

My last check, at about 9 pm, indicated snow had stopped falling. It might just be a pause. We'll see if the Tsnow-nami is over. And how long it takes the area to recover.

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Cat said...

Following your blog closely. Did you make it through the night ok? Is the dish working? Update us.