Monday, January 11, 2016

We've got a little "Fuck yeah!" playoff-win game food porn

All last week I listened to Redskins fans on sports talk radio completely dismiss the possibility that the Redskins might lose their playoff game to the Packers on Sunday. The Redskins are playing really well, they said -- and they were -- and the Packers look like shit, they said -- and they did. Every last one of those fans ignored one thing -- the Packers have Aaron Rodgers. And Rodgers took over that game and spanked those Redskins until they cried for mama. Result: 35-18 Packers win, and the Redskins spent Monday cleaning out their lockers.

Naturally, we had game food. Of course we had stuffed skins:

The skins came out at the beginning of the game. With a 4:40 pm start, we had to have more food later, naturally. Also coming out at kickoff were some pigs in a blanket. Can't go wrong with pigs:

Looked good:

At halftime, I brought out the pizza jet swirls:

We also had bacon-wrapped tater tots:

Yeah, that looked good, too:

Next week, we are on to Arizona, where just a few weeks ago the Cardinals kicked the living shit out of the Packers. I am hoping for a better result this time, but, given the possibility that this will be the last Packers' game of the year, I am planning a more innovative game food menu. See you Saturday night on that one. Go Pack!

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