Sunday, January 3, 2016

We got issues

Minnesota Wolves might live in Minnesota now, but he was raised in my household and is a Packers' fan. Future Wolves, a Minnesota native, was not and is not. She roots for, God help me, the Viqueens. I'm not sure how I feel about letting her into the family. On the other hand, she is toting around Wolves: The Next Generation, so I am inclined to be forgiving. It's not really her fault that she roots for the ViQueens. What else is there to do in Minnesota? Anyway, Minnesota Wolves and Future Wolves both have the same player's jersey: Brett Favre. Alas, Brett Favre played for both teams:

Yeah, she's wearing a ViQueens Favre jersey. His first year there was great, the second one somewhat less. Still, can't fault her taste in players. Teams? That's different.

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Grandkid on the way? Congratulations!