Saturday, January 16, 2016

Maybe not like fishing for swordfish?

I have long compared temp projects to offshore fishing for swordfish. Today I came up with another analogy that works equally well. Temp projects are like meeting a hot person and immediately starting to date them. At first, the person wants all your time, practically wants you to never go home. But eventually things settle down some, the person doesn't want all your time, then the person wants less and less of your time. Finally, one day -- without any warning -- that person wants none of your time - you get an email or a voicemail that it's over, don't come by anymore. That's it. Maybe you saw it coming, maybe there was no warning. But that's a temp project. Fear not -- at the moment, I feel like the swordfish is strong:

I looked around for a photo appropriate for my new analogy, but they were all pornographic and involved hot naked women, which we mention often on this blog but never actually put up pictures that include said hot naked women. But I'm pretty sure mentioning hot naked women drives traffic some, so I have that going for me.

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