Monday, January 18, 2016

Can Hillary be president if she's under indictment?

Actually, anyone who thinks that Attorney General Loretta Lynch, a complete Obama flunky, will allow any Department of Justice employee to indict Hillary Clinton is absolutely batshit. It won't happen. But the Federal Bureau of Investigation apparently has about 100 agents working the case regarding Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server for public business during her tenure as secretary of state. Previous email releases from the account by the Department of State in Freedom of Information Act cases have revealed hundreds upon hundreds of classified emails, despite Hillary's dogged claims that no classified material passed through her private server -- a claim no on ever believed anyway.

Well, now it would appear that the State Department, despite its protestations of "Private server? What private server?" knew full well what Her Majesty was up to and didn't like it. Naturally, Her Majesty's aides told the State Department to blow, and they said "OK:"
Bombshell emails from the State Department show that a top official at the agency suggested to Hillary Clinton’s aide, Huma Abedin, in August 2011 that the then-secretary of state begin using a government email account to protect against unexpected outages of her private email server.
But as the emails show, Abedin pushed back on the suggestion, telling the official, Stephen D. Mull, then the executive secretary of the State Department, that a State-issued Blackberry equipped with a email address “doesn’t make a lot of sense.”
Besides showing that Clinton’s top aides were against the idea of her using a email account, the emails show for the first time that top State Department officials were aware of Clinton’s private email server arrangement.
Security issues surrounding Hillary's use of a private email server have dominated much of the debate, but the primary reason Hillary used such an arrangement -- to avoid scrutiny from Freedom of Information Act requests -- has been curiously less examined. No one believed for a second that the Secretary of State received no classified information over her sole point of email contact from anyone in the State Department, and  subsequent emails have proved that she did, in fact, receive hundreds of emails containing classified information. But the State Department has maintained it knew nothing about the private server -- also an obvious lie, since everyone who ever sent an email to or received an email from Mrs. Bill "I Like 'Em Young" Clinton knew she was not using a email address. The latest email releases prove the State Department knew about the private arrangement:
The State Department — and Clinton — have resisted questions about who inside the State Department knew about and signed off on the private server, which Clinton kept at her house in New York. The FBI seized that device in August after it was discovered that two “top secret” emails had been sent to Clinton.
Besides Mull, the emails show that Patrick Kennedy, the under secretary for management at the State Department, knew of the private server. Kennedy is a powerful figure within the State Department. The career diplomat handles logistical issues within the agency and was the official responsible for requesting emails from Clinton and her aides.
This is, of course, the typical Clinton approach that rules are for other people. That the State Department was complicit in this felonious behavior -- yes, it is a felony to convey classified information over a nonsecure network, and it is a felony to intentionally evade FOIA requests --only shows that the federal government has become no better than a self-perpetuating criminal conspiracy.  Those who want to continue to expand the control of government over the people get a pass from the very bureaucracy that is supposed to enforce the rule of law. Fuck 'em. At least if they keep this shit up, more people will realize that the only solution is tar and feathers.

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