Friday, January 8, 2016

How many times have I told you -- don't fuck with Marines

We get this every year, especially around Christmas when Marines are out collecting Toys For Tots. It always goes pretty much like this: Bad guy steals stuff from innocent bystander, nearby Marines see, chase down bad guy. Like clockwork:
Crime doesn’t pay — and it can’t outrun a group of Marines, even if they are decked out in dress blues.
That’s the lesson three suspected cellphone thieves learned last week when they targeted victims at a mall in Westland, Mich., about 20 miles west of Detroit. What they didn’t know was that three local Marines home for temporary recruiting duty were there working.
The Marines were heading out Dec. 22 when they saw three men burst out of the mall. A teenage girl screamed that the men had stolen something from her. She later told police they had surrounded her and taken her cellphone.
Without hesitation or discussion, the Marines gave chase through the parking lot and across a busy intersection stacked with Christmas traffic. Though the teenage suspects got off to a fast and early start, they were no match for the Marines.
The Marines caught two of the three bad guys and chased the third into the arms of the police. Semper Fi, y'all.

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