Thursday, January 21, 2016

Well, that was interesting

All of the DC metro area is talking about the snowstorm of Biblical proportions that is supposed to hit the area starting Friday and running through Sunday. My neck of the woods is currently in the 15-25 inches band, although there is a 20% chance that we will get 25-35 inches. We'll see. But that's not what I'm talking about here.

Tonight, starting at about 5 pm -- perfect for rush hour -- we got what was supposed to be a "dusting" of snow that turned out to be about a half-inch. That's nothing, really, but it has been so cold the last couple days -- highs below freezing -- that every single snowflake stuck. DC drivers, notoriously unable to handle driving in snow, once again failed miserably. Traffic was tangled all over the region, even when I left work at 9 pm (and got to my car at the Metro station at close to 10 pm).

Road conditions just weren't that bad, but all it takes to fuck things up is a couple people who think road conditions are that bad and then turn on their emergency blinkers and drive 10 miles per hour in the left lane. What I wouldn't have given for machine guns mounted on my hood.

Anyway, I got home fine -- although considerably later than usual -- and am now all fired up for the actual snowstorm that starts Friday afternoon. I can hardly wait.

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Cat said...

Take photos please. I have no concept of "blizzard". The low this weekend here will be 67 degrees.