Friday, December 26, 2014

A very Wolves Christmas

There were multiple presents all around, just like most households. The difference, of course, is I have the cutest Wolves couple ever at my Christmas. Cpl. Wolves and Marrying Into Wolves got into the spirit:

No, he's not asleep -- look at Marrying Into Wolves -- he just said something funny:

Mrs. Wolves realized a long-time dream when Santa brought her an ocean kayak. She can hardly wait for spring.

I hope everyone had a good Christmas I know a lot of people are still struggling financially, but I hope everyone was able to find the spirit of the day and have a good Christmas regardless of their circumstances.

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Cat said...

A fine looking pack Mr. Wolves. The Cat House clowder wishes you all a happy new year since it is clear that you have already had a merry Christmas. Cheers!