Monday, April 27, 2015

Back on The Farm

Most of the hard work is done. Still some planting to do, then weeding and such, but most stuff is in the ground or about to go there. We're looking good for the coming growing season. Might need to build one more bed, but when I arrived Sunday, I found Farmer Tom had already finished installing the irrigation system and the deer protectors. He even buried the hose for the deer protectors:

Once we add a final hose, we will have both sets of beds irrigated, the deer protectors fired up and  -- the final hose -- a hose for hand-watering:

Looking around, we already have asparagus harvest-ready, and in fact the Farmer Tom household has munched down on asparagus a couple times already:

I put in some green beans:

And the irrigation system will need a few tweeks to get full coverage, but it works pretty well:

The beans and carrots are being watered here. As you can see, we need to make a couple adjustments to get full coverage:

We have a plan, of course. We'll see how it works out. Next week, I need to put up a string trellis for the peas, which are coming in nicely. We also need to till the squash bed, plant peppers and create a bed for the cucumbers. I'll probably be pickling dills and sweet gherkins this year if we can get a good harvest. Moving the cuke bed to better sun should ensure that, but we're a few weeks away from planting that.  And never forget the tomatoes. Peppers, tomatoes and squash will have to wait a few weeks until it is warmer.

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