Saturday, April 4, 2015

When you've lost the Washington Post . . .

The Washington Post is second only to the New York Times as the official mouthpiece of the Democratic Party and leftists generally. The fact that the Post is saying Emperor Barry I rolled over for Iran speaks volumes:
THE “KEY parameters” for an agreement on Iran’s nuclear program released Thursday fall well short of the goals originally set by the Obama administration. None of Iran’s nuclear facilities — including the Fordow center buried under a mountain — will be closed. Not one of the country’s 19,000 centrifuges will be dismantled. Tehran’s existing stockpile of enriched uranium will be “reduced” but not necessarily shipped out of the country. In effect, Iran’s nuclear infrastructure will remain intact, though some of it will be mothballed for 10 years. When the accord lapses, the Islamic republic will instantly become a threshold nuclear state.
That’s a long way from the standard set by President Obama in 2012 when he declared that “the deal we’ll accept” with Iran “is that they end their nuclear program” and “abide by the U.N. resolutions that have been in place.” Those resolutions call for Iran to suspend the enrichment of uranium. Instead, under the agreement announced Thursday, enrichment will continue with 5,000 centrifuges for a decade, and all restraints on it will end in 15 years.
The administration has repeatedly said that no deal is better than a bad deal. As with every promise Barry ever made, that one came with an expiration date. As it turns out, Barry was willing to do anything, concede anything just to get a deal with Iran.  Now he claims that this horseshit bargain with the mullahs will keep Iran from going nuclear. Yeah, right:
A week of marathon negotiations had produced, finally, an agreement designed to prevent Iran from being able to build a nuclear bomb. Obama’s closest advisers stood off to his side, in the shade of the White House colonnade, relishing the moment. National security adviser Susan Rice fist-bumped another aide. Some staffers hugged.
But Obama, resolute and a little defensive, hadn’t come to celebrate; instead he wanted to make the case for the agreement to the American people and the world.
“When you hear the inevitable critics of the deal sound off, ask them a simple question,” Obama said. “Do you really think that this verifiable deal, if fully implemented, backed by the world’s major powers is a worse option than the risk of another war in the Middle East?”
Just for starters, that wasn't the choice. This deal, and this deal only, or war? No one except Barry has suggested those were the choices. Yet another Obama strawman lights the horizon with its flames. Iran repeatedly threw new objections in the way of a deal, and Barry repeatedly relented. The Iranians have conceded nothing, and this is clearly not a deal "designed to prevent Iran from being able to build a nuclear bomb." This isn't even a speed bump. The Iranians won't even allow spot inspections. They are closing no facilities. They are keeping all of the enriched uranium they already have, and they will continue enriching uranium. Supposedly, they will be using fewer centrifuges to do so, but without rigorous inspections, which the deal does not require and Iran has never allowed, does anyone think Iran will shut down thousands of centrifuges? The lifting of sanctions just gives Iran billions to sponsor terrorism abroad -- something else the deal doesn't require them to relinquish.

Let's face it. If the French think you're being too easy on Iran, you might want to rethink your position:
"The French understand the value of time, and essentially they know that the longer this goes on, within reason, the more reasons the Iranians have to give things up," said Atlantic Council senior fellow Nicholas Dungan.
"The French feel that we can ask for an agreement on specifics which the Iranians might be reluctant to give but which the French believe they probably will give in order to get the deal done."
And France isn't just playing the bad cop role for the sake of stiffening negotiations -- it has its own unique view of power politics in the Middle East.
For one thing, it has been burned by Iran before.
Paris has actually been engaging Tehran on its nuclear program for years longer than the U.S., and therefore has had more time to see its expectations dashed. It was part of negotiations with Iran along with Germany and Britain in 2004 and 2005. And it learned hard lessons when it was revealed in September 2009, during a visit to the United States by then-French President Nicolas Sarkozy, that Iran had built an underground uranium enrichment facility at Fordow -- despite previous denials.
"The French do not necessarily trust the commitment that the Iranians might actually engage in," said Guillaume Xavier-Bender, a Transatlantic Fellow with the German Marshall Fund of the United States.
"They don't trust that every element will be respected because of their history of negotiation with the Iranians -- they have been deceived multiple times."
The French don't believe Iran will live up to its commitments, yet Barry insists upon becoming Iran's prison bitch. The question I don't see being asked is, why is Barry so willing to give the mullahs pretty much everything they want when our allies think we're being idiots? I keep reading about a foreign policy legacy, but is being remembered as the biggest chump since Neville Chamberlain really the kind of legacy you want? Hell, Barry is making Chamberlain look like Churchill at this point.
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