Friday, April 17, 2015

Cheap post time

I have to get something new up or people will think I'm dead. Which I nearly am. Fortunately, Mrs. Wolves is busy with her camera, or iPhone, or whatever she uses. So I'm going with the low-hanging fruit of posts. Deal with it.

First up, we have, well, kit-tays, dammit! Apparently, they like to lie in front of the storm door, basking in the sun, wrestling and getting pretty damn close to girl-on-girl porn. Of course, I wasn't there, so maybe it was entirely innocent. Regardless, cute kit-tay pictures:

Seriously, would they be such good kit-tays if they didn't like each other:

The wrestling matches are epic:

Mayhem is bigger, but Murder is more aggressive. Not sure how that plays out:

I do keep urging Mrs. Wolves to get video. Much more interesting, and cat videos rule the interwebs. We'll see.

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