Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Using the down time wisely -- farming

Farmer Tom gave me a bunch of tasks to accomplish while he was out of pocket earlier this week. Didn't get to all of them, as Monday turned into a cluster fuck, but I spent some time on the Farm Tuesday and got a couple things done. Quit early, figuring I'd be back today, then unexpectedly landed a gig that started this morning. Good overtime, so I won't be back to the Farm until Sunday. More then, of course, but for now here is what we have.

The game plan was to get some more stuff in the ground. I started with onions, where the old bed -- which we have decided to not move until next season -- needed weeding:

So, I did that, then busted out the onion sets to plant. Put about 100 onion sets in the ground:

It might not look like much, but here is the onion bed, weeded and planted:

Yes, that is a volunteer onion in the bottom left of the bed, not a weeding failure.

For my next trick, I needed to move the garlic beds and plant garlic. The original garlic beds were right at the tree line -- definitely not a full-sun location. The garlic always starts well, but finishes small. You can see the volunteers already:

I left the volunteers -- we'll see how they do -- and moved the bed boxes to our new full-sun location. Of course, because the location is on a slope, I had to level things up a bit:

After that, I had to fill them with dirt. With Farmer Tom absent, I got to drive the tractor! It is, alas, not the thrill you might think, although it is cool. It also beats the fuck out of a wheelbarrow:

With the dirt it, it was time to plant garlic:

And there it is, garlic in the ground and all beds watered:

Naturally, because I planted something, it rained last night and off and on all day today. I have that talent, apparently. More to do on the Farm Sunday, so stay tuned! This is the active part of the season where shit happens before we start waiting for shit to grow.

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